Tennille Middleton, "Chef Tee", Georgia-born and Virginia-raised, has her culinary influences rooted in the American south. It's the childhood memories of cooking with her grandparents and a passion for culinary adventure that help fuel her creativity. Chef Tee, a graduate of Johnson and Wales University, enjoys traveling and uses each new experience to help add layer and depth to her cooking style. All of these influences converge as she prepares fusions from different international styles while incorporating her love for people and good food into every dish.

Fun Fact: She was a final four contestant on Fox's Hell's Kitchen.

Outside of the kitchen, Chef Tee is a happily-married, mother of two who enjoys time with her family, poetry, music, learning the guitar, basketball and Batman. Always working to expand her talents, she looks forward to more world travels to broaden her culinary knowledge.

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"Red Clay & Pigs were a wonderful catering service for our event! The Taco Bar was a big hit with all that attended. Their customer service prior to the event and after was very professional and friendly. Would highly recommend this catering business!!! Would use again!! Thank you ladies so much!!"

~ Lolo Smith ~

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energy & primal life force, the color of extremes, heart, heritage, hearth


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